BAN - Bandai Gundam 225726 Fumina Hoshino "Gundam Build Fighters Try," Bandai Figure-rise LABO

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Date Expected: July -Sept 2018 - Please call in to Pre-Order no prepayment required.

Release Date : July 2018

Series : Gundam Build Fighters Try

Scale : Approx 9.8" Tall

Original : Figure-rise 

UPC code : 4549660257264
Item code : 225726

Fumina Hoshino "Gundam Build Fighters Try," Bandai Figure-rise LABO

A figure?  No it's a model kit!  Further refining the process of layered injection technology, Bandai introduces a new product line called Figure-rise LABO featuring static models with visual detail that rival traditional PVC fixed posed figures and statues.  The first entry is the heroine Fumina Hoshino from "Gundam Build Fighters Try"!  The layered injection features a semi-translucent property to allow a level of visual warmth and shadow to replicate the nature of human skin, allowing for a beautiful smooth appearance.  In addition her cute swimwear, and eyes are also layers of constructed plastic, further reducing need for paint and stickers.  A display stand featuring clear blue plastic simulating a splash of water is included.

Product size:  Approx 9.8" Tall
Package size: Package size: Approx 11.7x7.4x3.7 in

A promotional video by Bandai has been released here

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