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Nami Mori (Box/8) "Neko Busou", Bandai Neko Busou Assortment sold as each Random . ...More information
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Sep 2018

Nami Mori (Box/8) "Neko Busou", Bandai Neko Busou

A new take on “cat hobbies” is arriving this summer! Introducing a new line from Bandai Hobby called – Neko Busou! Now just what is “Neko Busou” you might ask? It’s a new type of hobby where cats, or in Japan called “Neko”, figures are clad in “jackets” and equipped with “Busous” (armaments). Stories say that the “Neki Busous” were creations crafted by humans to make the lives of Nekos more comfortable. However, despite the intentions of humans … the Nekos now use them as toys! Combine these adorable cat figurines with stylish mecha to give your hobby an all new style! 

The new Nami Mori series includes 4 different cats (approx. 2” tall) equipped with unique “jackets” and Busous that can be enjoyed individually or combined with one another. They even combine with the larger Tenko Mori Neko Busou releasing at the same time! The combinations are endless and are only limited by your imagination!

Nami Mori A 
This set includes a gray cat, creatively named “Gray”, sitting in an Egyptian pose with a launcher type mecha Busou. Gray’s Busou prepares food for meetings and takes pictures!

Nami Mori B 
The B set includes a white cat named “Shiro” sitting in an Egyptian pose with a heli-mecha Busou! Shiro loves living a luxurious life and enjoys walks in the sky using its Neko-copter and giving other Nekos massages. 

Nami Mori C 
Set C includes an orange striped Neko named “Chatora”! Chatora is a Neko who uses its Busou to tread around slowly in Neko Tank mode and its drone form to hover above ground.

Nami Mori D 
Finally, set D includes a black cat named “Kuro” in a laying down pose combined with a jet type Busou. Kuro is a stealthy and territorial Neko, using its Busou to surprise its neighbors in unique ways. Each individual set includes a colored cat figure x1, Jacket x1, and Busou set x1. 

Product size: Approx 3"
Package size: Approx 4.3x4.7x2.4 in

***Note that the Inner boxes, outer boxes, and master carton have two different UPCs as noted below. Please take this into consideration when loading into your system:

Inner Box (individual EA) & Carton UPC = 4549660303695
Outer Box UPC = 4549660308317


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