Bandai Shokugan 25180 Super Shock Gundam "Gundam Build Divers" Bandai Mini Pla

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Super Shock Gundam "Gundam Build Divers" (Will Ship Randon figure sold by each ), Bandai Mini Pla ...More information
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  • Brand:Bandai Shokugan
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  • Availability: Out of stock

Date Expected: Aug 2018 - Sept 2018 - Please call in to Pre-Order no prepayment required.

Release Date : Aug 2018

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Super Shock Gundam "Gundam Build Divers" (Box/10 these are sold by each ), Bandai Mini Pla

This is a new line of Gundam figure from the upcoming TV series Gundam Build Divers. Five figures of characters appear in the anime can be transformed into one large SD figure "Super Shock Gundam". It includes: Shock Gundam (for body), Gundam (for right arm), Char's Zaku (for left arm), Nu Gundam (for right leg) and Sazaby (for left leg) .  This item also possesses parts to connect to HG GunPla!

Product size: Approx 3.0"
Package size: Approx 4.7x3.1x1.6 in


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