XUR Xuron 791- 410A Ultraflush Cutting Shears 4" (90036) *

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This is a XUR410A Ultraflush Sprue Cutter By Xuron ...More information

Product description

  • Brand:XUR Xuron 791-
  • EAN:615265900363
  • Article number:XUR410A
  • Availability: In stock

The Ultraflush cutting shear cuts ( Plastic Sprue Cutters ) small or soft material with virtually no
"pinch". It leaves a finished or near finished surface. CUT DIFFERS FROM THE
410T only in terms of smoothness, not in terms of how closely it will cut
against an adjacent surface.

FEATURES: Micro-shear blade by pass and minimal outside bevel.
Light touch spring returns shears to its original position after
each use.
The orange rubberized handle provides good gripping and comfort for
precise control.

INCLUDES: One 410A Ultraflush Cutting Shear (4")

COMMENTS: Use ONLY on Soft Materials OR it will cause scarring on the edges.


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