BANDAI MODEL KITS 5056804 Chumori "Neko Busou" (Each), Bandai Neko Busou

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Chumori "Neko Busou" (EACH), Bandai Neko Busou ...More information
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Release : March 2019


Neko Busou continues! A general name for mecha units created for cats, Neko Busou series 3 contains units created in the style of ancient dinosaurs! Chumori A combines a American Short Hair cat, a submarine,to form the Tyrmeowsaurus. Chumori B combines a white cat, a train to make the mighty Meowmoth! Chumori C combines a Shiracha cat with a Drill Mecha to form Velocimeowptor! Chumori D combines a Scottish Fold (gray) cat with a Proeller mecha to form Tricerameowps! Parts are interchangeable with each other and can lead to amazing customeowzation with previous Namimori and Tenkomori releases! Each Chumori comes with a parts separator and twice as many joint runners compared to previous releases! Includes Neko, jacket, Busou, and part separator


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