Tamashii Nations 55063 06 Atlur Kabuterimon "Digimon", Bandai Digivolving Spirits

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Date Expected: Oct 2018 - Dec 2018 - Please call in to Pre-Order no prepayment required.

Release Date : Oct 2018

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06 Atlur Kabuterimon "Digimon", Bandai Digivolving Spirits

The sixth release in the hugely popular DIGIVOLVING SPIRITS series of perfectly transforming Digimon characters! The incredible thing about Digivolving Spirits is how it uses the latest toy technology to capture both the "cute side" and "monster side" of the characters without compromising the appearance of the figure in either form. No parts-swapping or disassembly needed! The sixth release is Atlur Kabuterimon, which never saw a release in the old toy series. All new design and sculpting capture its evolution from Tentomon to Atlur Kabuterimon, complete with accurate color changing. Fine detail and accurate painting, and a high-tech transformation let you appreciate the design of Tentomon and Atlur Kabuterimon in 360 degrees -- it looks great front, back, top, and bottom! Tentomon's wings are posable, too, letting you re-enact dramatic scenes. Includes a stand.

Product size: Approx 6.7"
Package size: Approx 7.1x7.7x5.5 in


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