ATL- Atlas 150- 2500 N scale Code 80 Super-Flex track 30 inch

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Simulated black wood ties Nickel silver rail Flex track from Atlas allows you to create almost any curve imaginable. ...More information
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Product description

  • Brand:ATL- Atlas 150-
  • EAN:732573025004
  • Article number:150-2500
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Tips for cutting Super-Flex track

  1. Use a heavy-duty rail ripper or modeler's saw to cut the track to length.
  2. Remove a few ties from the end of the track by cutting the web (plastic piece between the ties) with a knife.
  3. File the end and underside of the rail as well as the web so rail joiners can fit easily.



Includes One Piece

Scale: N (1:160)

Length: 30" (780mm)

WAL 150-2500


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