BANDAI MODEL KITS Gaiperon Class MLSC Balgray "Yamato 2199", Bandai Star Blazers 1/1000

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Guipellon Class Multiple Flight Deck Astro Carrier Balgray plastic model kit by Bandai Hobby. ...More information

Product description

Release Date : February 2014

Series : Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Original : Space Battleship Yamato

Scale : 1/1000


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Item Details:

- Multi-layer aircraft carrier Yamato Plastic fan expectation, kit decision finally!
- I reproduce the configuration through the different shapes of each can.
- Blast deflector flight deck is movable.
- Carrier-based aircraft of each comes with 21 each machine at the same scale.
- Ship was renovated in the mountain-front end shape of the flight deck. Lyle ghetto chaired attack Corps commander,
I mounted the space carrier-based fighter Debakke.
- Accessories: Exclusive display base, the scale-space carrier-based fighter DWG109 <Debakke> × 21,
Mekakore size space carrier-based fighter DWG109 <Debakke>


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