BANDAI MODEL KITS 186230 1/500 Starblazer Space Battle Ship Yamato 2199

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1/500 Starblazer Space Battle Ship Yamato plastic model kit by Bandai Hobby. ...More information
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Release Date : December 2013

Series : Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Original : Space Battleship Yamato

Scale : 1/500


UPC code : 4543112862303
Item code : 862303

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Item Details:

- About 666mm, 1/500 scale United Nations Space Navy interstellar navigation for Chodokyu Space Battleship Yamato length
Chodokyu Yamato start!
- Products as one article of satisfaction and ease of making utilizing the size, the precise detail of the 2199 edition!
Big scale plastic model 2199 version Yamato!
- Anime and main video of actual, Verification precisely the drawing up documents for detail. Further
1/500 Yamato new detail the hands of 2199 mechanical design of [ball Sheng Junichi Akira]
2199 edition Yamato big scale plastic model that you added!
- Yamato body adhesive unnecessary full color reproduction.
- Limit to pursue the split parts, easy to assemble making use of about 666 mm total length, and the joint is not out.
- Reproduce the inside of the first hangar ... first hangar.
- Hatch of second hangar ... second hangar is open. I reproduce precisely the carrier-based aircraft catapult.
- Is reproduced in the opening and closing of compatible third hangar ... third hangar.
- (Type-0 52 spatial carrier-based fighter <Kosumozero>, Type 99 space fighter attack aircraft carrier-based aircraft included
<Cosmo Seagull>, 100 formula space reconnaissance aircraft <Cosmo Falcon>, space general-purpose transport aircraft SC97)

- Accessories: Type-0 52 spatial carrier-based fighter <Kosumozero> × 2,99 formula space fighter attack aircraft
<Cosmo Falcon> × 2, space general-purpose transport aircraft SC97 <Cosmo Seagull> × 2,
100 formula space reconnaissance aircraft × 2, display stand


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