BANDAI MODEL KITS 194366 1/60 Unicorn Gundam LED Lighting Set

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This is the 1/60 Scale Unicorn Gundam LED Lights plastic model kit by Bandai Hobby. ...More information

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Release Date : December 2014

Series : Perfect Grade (PG)

Original : Mobile Suit Gundam

Scale : 1/60


UPC code : 4543112943668
Item code : 2291286

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Item Details:

- A set of LED units to be UV emitting [PG 1/60 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam]
- 29 pieces in the frame for Psycho, one for the camera eye, adopting the LED of the total of 30. LED is a unit at each site for each, can be attached to the MS body
- Emission sequence (by the switch operation)
1: The camera eye is gradually emission
Emission Psycho frame is strengthened brightness gradually: 2
3: Psycho frame turns off gradually, the camera eye is off then
- Auto mode of emission sequence also features


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