BANDAI MODEL KITS 206007 High Res Barbatos Iron-Blood Orphans

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This is the Hi-Resolution Gundam Barbatos Iron-Blooded Orphans plastic model kit from the Gundam Series by Bandai.  Suitable for Ages 15 & Older.  ...More information
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Release Date : March 2016

Series : High-Resolution Model

Original : Mobile Suit Gundam

Scale : 1/100


UPC code : 4549660060079
Item code : 2332130

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Item Information:

- A New Gundam Challenge -

- Reproduce the Gundam frame in the finished product frame by taking advantage of multi-material
Internal frame of the complete assembled full moveable. Metal parts adopted can be stable poses to strengthen the joints holding power.

- And both the adopted reality and heavy metal parts to the characteristic sites
Use to frame various parts of the metal parts other than the joints. Dare to produce a sense of weight and texture of the metal unique in exposing the metal, more reality full of Gundam frame.

- The thickness of the armor end face armor gap is a precise sense of pursuing three-dimensional sense of attractive mechanical design, internal frame parts exposed from the gap of armor. Also it reproduced moving gimmick such as a cylinder, reproduce the mechanical detail to detail.

- Produce a set armor texture in the featured parts visually appealing
Reflect appeared in the play setting interpretation of [nano-laminate armor] to exterior parts. Plating runners also extends to seven, metallic, subjected to various surface processing pearl, etc., precisely reproduces the texture.

- Various weapons included
Glide gun, other sword, smack parts included. Expressive poses possible.

- Accessories: glide gun, sword, hand parts × 6

Item Size/Weight : 39.2 x 31.2 x 8.2 cm / 826g


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