BANDAI MODEL KITS 224033 BB412 DiaoChan Qubeley & General?s Palanquin "BB Senshi Sangokuden" Bandai SD

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BB412 DiaoChan Qubeley & General’s Palanquin "BB Senshi Sangokuden", Bandai SD ...More information
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Release Date : February 2018

Series : SD Gundam BB, 412

Original : Mobile Suit Gundam

Scale : Non


UPC code : 4549660240334
Item code : 2417232

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BB412 DiaoChan Qubeley & General’s Palanquin "BB Senshi Sangokuden", Bandai SD

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of BB Senshi San-Goku-Den! This legendary and elusive kit, once a kit only available as an exclusive bonus for the Blu-Ray Box, is being re-released in the BB Senshi San-Goku-Den series! With newly drawn packaging box art, the parts colors for this kit have been changed to more vivid and vibrant shades. The eye design has also been changed to the BB Senshi format and a purple General’s Palaquin, which matches the DiaoChan Qubelet, is included. Set includes HuDieShan x2 and General’s Palaquin x2. Runner x5. Sticker sheet x1. Instruction manual x1.

Product size: Approx 3.5"

Package size: Approx 12.2x7.9x2.2 in


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