BAN - Bandai Gundam GMS108 Gundam Marker Zeon Set of 6

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This is the Set of 6 Zeon Markers by Bandai Gundam. ...More information

Product description

            This is the Set of 6 Zeon Markers by Bandai Gundam.                
FEATURES: Set of 6 markers include the following paint colors:                 
            - Zeon Gray - GM39                                                 
            - Phantom Gray - GM38                                              
            - Zaku Light Green - GM37                                          
            - Zaku Dark Green - GM36                                           
            - Char Red - GM35                                                  
            - Char Pink - GM34                                                 
INCLUDES: One pack of 6 Zeon Markers                                           
COMMENTS: Keep from heat and flame                                             
          Use in well ventilated area                                          
          Keep away from small children


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