BANDAI MODEL KITS 216746 Wing Gundam Zero EW "Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz", Bandai Hi-Resolution Model 1/100

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This is a High Resolution Model of a action figure Wing Gundam Zero EW plastic model kit by Bandai Hobby. ...More information
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Release Date : September 2017

Series : High-Resolution Model

Original : Mobile Suit Gundam

Scale : 1/100


UPC code : 4549660167464
Item code : 2383280

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Item Details:

- Reality and weight feeling by different materials, supple wing movements, amazing movable wing Gundam Zero is converted to high resolution (high resolution).

- Abundant movable gimmicks are provided for each part, enabling reproduction of an impressive scene in the play.
- The distinctive Buster rifle has four stages of deformation, realizing various poses.

· The inner skeleton frame combines resin material and metal parts to achieve both reality and weight. Enclosed in painted finished product state.

· Adopt plating and gross injection, express realistic texture in parts.

· Each part is expanded when zero system is reproduced. I peeped the frame through the gap of the armor and reproduced armor with solid appearance.
- Adopting a design arrangement that emphasizes images in the play, such as deployment to six feathers.
- By combining with a shield it is possible to deform to the flight form.

- accessories
· Twin Buster Rifle × 1
· Beam · saber × 2
· Shield × 1

- Product content
· Completed frame × 1
· Molded article × 15
· Lead wire × 2
· Instruction manual × 1


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