Tamashii Nations 19804 Nami -Black Ball- "One Piece", Bandai FiguartsZero

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This is a Nami -Black Ball- "One Piece", Bandai FiguartsZero Action Figure By Tamashii Nations ...More information

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Release Date : Sept 2018

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Nami -Black Ball- "One Piece", Bandai FiguartsZero

The FiguartsZERO "Chogekisen EXTRA BATTLE" series is proud to announce the arrival of Nami, just as she appears in the Whole Cake Island saga of the series! Translucent parts are used to replicate the truly awesome appearance of the Black Hole's epic lightning and clouds! The fixed-pose figure perfectly captures Nami in the heat of battle.

Product size: Approx 6.1"
Package size: Approx 7.5x7.5x7.5 in


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