WOO - Woodland Scenics 785- C1161 N Retaining Wall Random Stone 6

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Product description

This Box Contains Six N Scale Random Stone Retaining Walls for Your
Model Railroad Layout from Woodland Scenics.

Retaining walls are built where terrain cuts and fills are required. They
prevent rocks and dirt from falling on railroad tracks or roads. They are made
of a variety of materials.



These random stone retaining walls are cast in high-density Hydrocal.
They can be used individually, butted together to form a longer wall,
stepped to form wing walls, made to form curved walls, and
They're 132' scale length when used together.
These white casts are authentically detailed in appearance and
Create ultimate scenic realism simply and economically.
Ready for staining or painting right from the box.
Easy to follow instructions for installation of walls.




Six N Scale Random Stone Retaining Walls




Adhere Wall(s) to Layout
Lightweight Hydrocal, Flex Paste or White Glue
Hobby Knife, Sandpaper or File
Hacksaw or Coping Saw (Used for Shortening and Butting)
Stain or Paint (Earth Color Pigments)




Scale: N 1:160
Width: 1-1/2" (4.1cm) -- each
Height: 2-1/2" (6.7cm) -- each


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