WOO - Woodland Scenics 785- C1192 Plaster Cloth Triple Roll 8 x 45

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C1192 Plaster Cloth Triple Roll 8 x 45 by Woodland Scenics ...More information

Product description

This is the Plaster Cloth Triple Roll from Woodland Scenics.



Get three times as much as the regular roll
Perfect for large projects
Quick, convenient and lightweight method for making durable hard
shell or terrain base
Accepts earth colors liquid pigment, plaster castings and scenery
materials easily
Use to fill gaps around rocks, tunnels and terrain seams
Packaged in a resealable bag
Instructions included




One Plaster Cloth Triple Roll




Size of roll: 8 in x 15 yd, 30 ft2 (20.3 cm x 13.7 m, 278 dm2)


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