WOO - Woodland Scenics 785- C1229 Earth Color Undercoat Earth 8 oz

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C1229 Earth Color Undercoat Earth 8 oz by Woodland Scenics ...More information
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Product description

Achieve Quality Results On Any Layout With This Bottle of Earth Color
Liquid Undercoat Pigment (Earth) by Woodland Scenics.





Formulated for use under Green Blend and Earth Blend
Turf as a base color.
Can also be used for rocks and plaster castings.
Extremely concentrated.
Use at full strength for an opaque coat or thinned with water for
greater area coverage.
May be intermixed to create varying colors.
Water soluble.
Removable with hot salt water.
Brush, spray, stain, or paint.




One Bottle of Liquid Pigment Undercoat (Earth)


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