CUH - Flex-I-File Flowthru Assorted Pack in a plastic case (D)

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This is a Flowthru Microbrush-Style with Foam Tips (Microbrush) by Flex-I-File and Microbrush ...More information
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Product description


Assorted Pack in a plastic case

- 96 Dispensing Tips (assorted, see below)
- Applicator Bottle
- Syringe

Two types of tips in four color coded sizes each:

Color Gauge/Size Material Usage
Blue 25 /0.25 mm Etchants
Black 22 /0.41 mm Sealants
Yellow 20 /0.60 mm Flowable Composites
Pink 18/0.97 mm Desensitizer

Flowthru Standard-Style Dispensing Tips (Microbrush)

Disposable plastic applicators are designed for use in place of
standard Luer Lock needle tips. The plastic tip can bend up to
90° without pinching and greatly reduces needle phobia. A
threaded locking system ensures that the applicators are securely
fastened to the syringe when dispensing material. Applicators
have a protective ring along the base to prevent waste material
from reaching the threads, reducing the risk of cross


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