CUH - Flex-I-File 6087 Scribe-N-Cut Knife Folding Knife

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Creations Unlimited Scribe-N-Cut Folding Knife
Large blade is ideal for cutting big sheets of styrene, vacuum-formed models and more. Blade folds into handle for safe storage.  ...More information

Product description

#6087 Scribe-N-Cut Knife Folding Knife $5.99

The Scribe-N-Cut Folding Knife is a must have for the vac-former and scratch building hobbyist. Scribe and cut styrene plastic with precise control. A tiny curl of material is removed with each stroke. The hardened steel blade scores and cuts acrylic up to 1/4" thick. Swivel blade folds away safely for storage, yet stays in place when scoring. Simply score material and


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