CUH - Flex-I-File (SO) FLE0401 TOOL TENDER PLUS Case (D)

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Creations Unlimited Tool-Tender Plus
Four complete sets with room for five. Five-place tool stand in a clear plastic storage case. ...More information
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Product description

#401 Tool-Tender + Plus

Tool-Tender is a 5 place tool stand in a clear plastic storage case. Instant tool selection at your fingertips with workspace organization in only a 6 by 6 inch area.

Contents: 5 place Tool Stand in a Clear Plastic Storage Case, 4 Flex-I-File High Strength Anodized Aluminum Frames, 24 Assorted Abrasive Refill Tapes

Tough, flexible tapes for wet or dry application on lightweight, high strength, anodized aluminum frames. Unlike needle files, FLEX-I-FILE automatically follows compound curves, contour changes and fillets w/o leaving scratches or flatspots. 
-Removes flash from plastic or metal castings. -Smoothes and polishes rough surfaces and seams. -Follows irregular or flowing contours. -Provides a delicate touch for hairline accuracy. 


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