Product description

Oxidation has met its match!

Developed for the railroad hobby, this new product will solve the problem we all face of locomotives stalling during operation.

Neverstall is not a wheel or track cleaner. Rather, we have found that oxidation is the root cause of stalling when everything else looks like it should be fine. A little drop on the contact points, axles or the wipers on your wheel sets cleans oxidation and will make your engine run better than new.

Once applied, Neverstall will work for months!

Uses include:

Switch points

Wipers and contact points on locomotives and rolling stock

Battery terminals

Handy needle applicator gets into tiny places

Plastic friendly and made in America, the 6 ml tube is enough for a club or large layout.

Note on shipping charges: The website defaults to $5.75 based on the value of the product. We will credit your account back $2 for each single tube order as it costs a lot less to ship. For multiple piece orders or mixed orders of other product, we will pro-rate back a portion of the shipping charge.


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