DUB - Dubro 499 Tru-Spin Propeller Balancer

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This is a Tru-Spin Precision Propeller and Wheel Balancer by Dubro Products. ...More information
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  • Brand:DUB - Dubro
  • EAN:011859004996
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 This is Dubro's Tru-Spin Prop Balancer.                     
FEATURES: Completely Adjustable Propeller Balancer                             
          Precision-Machined Rotating Wheels to Assure Perfect Balance Easily  
          Unique Over/Under Set-Up Option Accomodates Even Large-Scale Props   
INCLUDES: One Tru Spin Prop Balancer                                           
COMMENTS: The following balancer shafts are available for this balancer;       
            #3380 DUBQ3380   5mm Shaft                                         
            #3381 DUBQ3381   6mm Shaft                                         
            #3383 DUBQ3383   8mmx1.0                                           
            #3384 DUBQ3384   8mmx1.25                                          
            #3387 DUBQ3387   DJI Inspire                                       
            #3388 DUBQ3388   DJI Phantom 4 


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