DUB - Dubro 107 Control Horn Nylon 1/2A (2)

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These are Small 1/2A T-Style Control Horns ...More information
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Product description

  • Brand:DUB - Dubro
  • EAN:011859001070
  • Article number:DUB107
  • Availability: Out of stock

                    These are 1/2A T-Style Control Horns.                      
FEATURES: Nylon construction                                                   
INCLUDES: Two control horns w/4 adjusting holes and 2 mounting holes           
           (3/4" long {tall})                                                  
          Two mounting plates w/2 mounting holes (3/8"x3/8")                   
          Four 2-56x3/8" round head screws                                     
REQUIRES: A flat head (slotted) screwdriver


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