WOO - Woodland Scenics 785- Flexi Edge for Road Striping

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Flexi Edge for Road Striping by Woodland Scenics ...More information

Product description

This is the Flex Edge from Woodland Scenics.





Paint straight or curvy lines cleanly and confidently
Mark sidewalks, roads, parking lots and other markings on paved
areas to scale accurately
Raised inking edge prevents smears
Edge for alignment and marked guide for correct road-striping
Create track plans and custom templates
Retains curve without having to hold it
Ruler markings include scaled grid for striping N, HO and O scale
roads and 40 ft. scale ruler for N, HO and O
Ruler information includes scaled measurements for the width of
N, HO and O parking spaces, sidewalks, rural roads and highways




One Flex Edge




Length: 18" (457.2mm)


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