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The Aermacchi MB.339 is the latest in a long line of successfulMacchi aircraft, dating back to just after World War I. While mostly buildingfighters, including the very successful MC.202 Folgore and 205 Veltro, duringWorld War II, postwar, the Macchi company decided to start concentrating ontrainer aircraft. Their first, the G.59, was based on the airframe of theMC.202/5, though powered by a less rambunctious engine and sporting two seats.It was a mild success in the home market with a few overseas sales.

With the coming of the jet age, the AMI decided that it needed a good, reliable jet trainer. From this was borne the MB.326, a Viper powered aircraft with pleasant handling qualities and a very good serviceability record.This aircraft was the main jet trainer for the AMI for nearly 30 years. When removed from training use, it served as a hack for many different units until finally retired in the mid 1990s. The 326 had good overseas sales, amongst the bigger buyers of the aircraft being Australia, Brazil and South Africa. A Dedicated single seat attack version was also made and sold well.

The next generation of trainer from what was now Aermacchi isthe MB.339. This aircraft first entered service in the late 1970s/early 1980s.Frankly, much of this aircraft is quite similar to the 326. The only part thatis externally different is the cockpit section. It is more streamlined and isalso slightly stepped to give the instructor a better view during landing andtake-off. Internally is where things are different. It has updated avionics,different instruments and an uprated Viper engine. Recently, the Italian 339sshed their teardrop shaped wing tanks for ones that are more rounded. Salesabroad for the 339 were and are very good with many versions going to suchplaces like Argentina, New Zealand, Eritrea, United Arab Emirates and othercountries. As with the MB.326, a single seat, dedicated light attack version isalso made.



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