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L164 Lichen Bag Dk Green/82ci by Woodland Scenics ...More information
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Product description

Woodland Scenics' Lichen (Dark Green) is a Natural Product with a
Shrub-Like Shape That Can Be Used to Model Many Types of Trees, Foliage,
Small Bushes and Hedges on Any Layout.

Landscaping adds color, texture and realism to terrain contours.





It's been treated with preservative additives that make it uniquely
nonflammable, nontoxic and hygroscopic.
It does not dry out unless the relative humidity drops below 37%, and
will soften again when the relative humidity rises above 37%.
Use to make trees, shrubs, bushes, vines, undergrowth and forests.
This natural product blends in a limitless variety of colors and
textures when combined with the turf and foliage line.
Dark Green is just that...a deep dark green color with realistic
looking V-shaped pine needles.
Produce realistic scenery whether you're a beginner or advanced
This product is easy to use and virtually foolproof.
Instructions and tips are printed on the back of the package.
Package is hangable.




One Package of Dark Green Lichen




Scenic Sprayer (S192)
Scenic Cement (S191)
Tree Armatures (if making trees)




1-1/2 Quart (1.4 Liters)


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