Sense Innovations Limited 29262 ESS-One+ 2017 Engine Sound System

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The ESS-One+ 2017 Engine Sound System Radio Control Car Engine Sound System! ...More information

Product description

ESS-One+ 2017 Engine Sound System Along with all the features of the earlier model, the ESS-One+ is lighter and more compact in size, making it easier to install. Redesigned speakers have more power and longer life. The D-Class amplifier chip ensures efficient performance and high-quality sound output.

ESS-ONE+ uses an advanced DNS/DCR algorithm to reproduce the sound of real engines. The sound is real-time calculated based on the throttle input + throttle movement speed + engine speed to closely simulate real engine sounds. This creates a richer sound than could be had through the throttle alone.

ESS-ONE+ supports the AUX channel which can simulate a variety of sounds. Special sounds, like a car alarm and horn, can be independently controlled by a third channel on the transmitter. Please check HERE for a complete list of sounds available.

ESS-ONE+ supports fast switching between two sets of engine sounds. Users can install two different sounds having different brake and acceleration settings into the ESS ONE+, and the sounds can be easily selected with the press of a button.

ESS-ONE+ supports firmware and function upgrades. Sense Innovations supports the software-download services of RCPLUS to provide continuing firmware and software updates. Users will receive ongoing software upgrades.

Features: • Plug and Play Audio device • Universal fit • USB updatability • 100+ different engine sounds to choose from • 30+ auxiliary sounds to choose from, such as horns, sirens, and turbo

Speaker unit size: 3.9\"L x 1.88\"W x 1.35\"H
Speaker unit weight: 90.2g (3.18oz.)


UPC: 784695 292611 #29261 ESS-ONE+ Engine Sound System



Supply voltage range:5Volts-26Volts
Speaker Impedance:4Ohms
Output power under 4 Ohms:20W/3S(12V)
Number of audio channels:ONE channel 30W max
Output is Short-Circuit, Overload and Thermally Protected


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