TAM - Tamiya 865- 74522 Painting Stand Set

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FEATURES: "Lazy Susan" type rotating base design                                         Black in color                                                                 Turntable attachment for holding larger models                                 Body sta ...More information

Product description

                 This is the Painting Stand set from Tamiya.                  
    It securely holds parts for simple airbrushing and spray painting.                                                                              
INCLUDES: Two rotating bases                                                  
          One table-type turntable                                            
          One body stand turntable w/spring holders                           
          Four spring clips                                                   
          One instruction sheet                                               
REQUIRES: No parts required                                                   
SPECS:    Rotating base diameter:            121mm (4.76")                    
          Turntable diameter:                160mm (6.30")                    
          Assembled Height, Turntable:        80mm (3.15")                    
          Assembled Height, Body Stand: min.  67mm (2.64")                    
                                        max. 108mm (4.25")                    
COMMENTS: Body stand attachment is perfect for holding 1/24 scale bodies.


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