TES - Testors 1260T Spray Dullcote 3 oz *

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This is a 3oz (85g) can of Clear Flat Lacquer Overcoat Spray Paint. ...More information

Product description

  • Brand:TES - Testors
  • EAN:075611126005
  • Article number:TES1260
  • Availability: In stock

FEATURES: This is flammable and toxic. Can be used for: models, ceramic, plastics, leather, stone, metal, styrofoam, crafts, wax, glass, paper, figures, fabric, wood and touching up purposes. Not suitable for polyethylene or vinyl. Contains no lead or harmful CFCs. Easy-to-hold can. Does not exceed 95% VOC by weight.

INCLUDES: One 3oz (85g) Can of Clear Flat Lacquer Overcoat

REQUIRES: Eye, Lung and Skin protection.


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